Stream Commands

These are the commands you can direct the bot Xmarymary to execute in Twitch chat.


!simoleons - Info on the Simoleons system.

!makeitrain - Allows you to spend simoleons to give everyone in chat Simoleons.

!roulette - Play a game of Roulette (!roulette red 50)

!key - (Nightbot) Cause my Fey Fey loves dropping keys on you hoes.

!gamble - Gamble your Simoleons in the XGANG Casino.

!top - Viewers with the most Simoleons. *

!raffle - To enter a raffle to gain or lose Simoleons.

!coin - Play a game to gain or lose Simoleons.

!dice - Play a dice game to gain or lose SImoleons.

*Mod Only

!booty - Sims 4 booty sliders *

!notify - Remind people to turn notifications on.

!cas - Links to CAS columns and more CAS mods. *

!ccfinds- Links to my cc finds blog. *

!ccschool - Link to my CC School Playlist on YT *

!gifts - Wanna find out how to send me gifts?

!twitchcon - I'm going to Twitch Con & you should too!

!website - Link to my website. *

!survival - This weeks episode of Survival House. *

!jackbox - Wanna get in the game? Find out how.

!blogspot: The Black SImmer Blogspot page. *

!sub - How to subscribe on IOS, Android & PC. *

!bonus- Grant bonus Simoleons to everyone in chat. *

!discord - Join The Black Simmer Discord to turn up! *

!folder - I don't share my mods folder.

!melanin - Melanin Packs 1 & 2 *

!mods - Links to my current favorite mods. *

!merch - Sims & Chill merch. *

!music - Request music in TBS discord.

!twitter - Link to my Twitter. *

!Youtube - Link to my Youtube.

!faq - My FAQ located on my website.

!specs - My computer specs.

!tbs - The Black Simmer Community tab. *

!uptime - How long have I been streaming?

!balance - See how many Simoleons you have.

!followers - See the three most recent followers.

!time - See what time it is.

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