Melanin Pack 2

Hey! So here’s an upgrade. I spent more time looking into undertones and quality improvement. Hopefully with time I can improve and add more as time progresses. You can find these non default tones under the skin tones tab. If you were able to snag the test file for Melanin Pack 2, delete it and replace it with this. You can decide to delete or not to delete the first skin pack its up to you. Both work in game together just fine. You will have to delete the makeup files in your mods folder named “blush” and “concealer”. This skin tone pack is compatible with all skin overlays and details.

They have been updated with more shades and with different opacity and named properly as well. I will also be releasing a video with more makeup this week that I have found look really great with these tones, as well as how you can navigate the makeup in this pack! Same as before, the shade you click on may not exactly match the color box. (Still learning people).

Now popular simmers have no damn excuse to NOT make black sims(unless their lying asses just don’t want to.) Post your sims with the hashtags#xmiramira & #saynotoashysims so I can see! The makeup shows up under the same thumbnail as before. I will also be taking time to build on what I’ve already done. Upgrading and adding to the other makeup pieces from Melanin Pack 1. Now go make some chocolate sims! ENJOY!

This second pack comes with:

  • 54 Skintones

  • New Highlight

  • New Blush

  • Custom Thumbnail

  • Updated for Vampires

  • Standalone


Xmiramira 2017.

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