Melanin Pack

So while hunting for new skintones I got mad as hell because we all know there are not enough flattering brown tones out there. So I decided to look at tutorials and bam!…I made some skintones. 18 to be exact. They are non default skintones that can be found under the skin tones tab and not the skin details. I was playing around this week and decided to also create makeup for them. I hope you enjoy. Being that this is my first time & I don’t know how to make jack shit, I did makeup recolors. Some of the makeup is not gonna look perfect, just mess around with different powders/blushes and different skin tones. I will be doing a video this week to showcase the skintones as well as what other makeup pieces go really well on these skins. I can’t wait!

The Set Comes With:

  • 18 Skintones

  • 2Contour Palettes

  • One Blush Palette

  • One Eyeshadow Palette

  • Prep + Prime Powder Packs

  • Custom Thumbnail (Makeup

  • Updated for Vampires

  • Standalone


Xmiramira 2017.

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